Rules and Regulations

Check back regularly for updates or changes to the rules.

  1. No Foul Language
  2. No Cheating, Lifetime Ban
  3. No Stealing, Lifetime Ban
  4. Harassing Communications, threatening a player or physically assaulting a player will result in a ban length up to lifetime.
  5. No yelling across the field, “Call your hits!” Notify a referee, we have protocols in place to deal with these situations. This just ruins the game for other players.
  6. No arguing with a ref’s call. Refs will get calls wrong from time to time. But when a call is made that is final.
  7. Abide the speed limit. We are located at the rear of a small community with young children and elderly residents. Please respect them by keeping it to 15 miles an hour. First penalty is an additional $5 to your field fee. The second penalty you will be turned around and asked to leave for the day. If a 3rd incident occurs, a ban will be enforced.
  9. Full seal ANZI approved eye wear required. Must have foam or rubber seal to your face.
  10. Lowers required. Ears, Nose and Mouth Coverage required. Soft cover allowed as long as secure.
  11. If any part (Eyes, ears, Nose or Mouth) is exposed during a game you will be given a warning, second offense removed from the game and required to sit out a game. A 3rd infraction will result in you being asked to leave the field.
  12. Before exiting a game, players must pull their mag and clear the barrel before entering the cage.
  13. Safety gear must remain on until you have totally exited the cage.
  14. No mags inside your gun outside of cage. Pistols should be holstered.
  15. Never dry fire a gun in the parking lot or staging area.
  16. Testing can be done in the chrono area or on the field.
  18. If you see a player that is injured, yell PLAYER DOWN. If you hear someone yell player down, parrot or echo it across the field.
  19. If it doesn’t have stairs, steps, ladder or ramp do not climb, hurdle or jump over barriers.
    FPS Limits
  20. FPS/Joule limits must be measured on every gun being taken on the field.
  21. We supply an assortment of mags and loaders to load our 0.30g bb’s for chrono.
  22. Assault and LMG Class <1.55j 335fps w/0.30
  23. SMG/Shotgun (Semi only) <1.0j 235fps w/0.30 NO MED
  24. DMR 1.56j – 1.86j 365 w/0.30 50ft minimum engagement distance
  25. Sniper 1.87j – 2.81j 445fps w/0.30 100ft minimum engagement distance
    Game play
  26. Our field uses Mercy Kill Rules. We use the command BANG BANG for any target closer than 10ft with a long gun. Mercy kills are required unless otherwise discussed during a game briefing.
  27. Pistols (Under 1.55j) and SMG/Shotgun under 1.0J have no Mercy kill rules.
  28. We are a SEMI-ONLY field. No double cycling or burst fire allowed.
  29. Smoke grenades are allowed, do not throw into buildings. Try to land them in clear areas. No smokes allowed in Southern pines, Grass field or Swamp.
  30. LMG’s have a 30ft engagement, required to run in 10rd burst, and are not allowed inside of our large building structures. (unless stated otherwise during game briefing)
  31. Grenades have a 10ft kill radius and are effective through soft cover. All grenades used outside of buildings must explode. Inside of hard cover grenades must land inside the room you occupy. If so, everyone within the basic four walls of the room are eliminated. Dummy, Tornados and spring grenades are used inside large structures only since they make no noise. Thunder V’s, XL burst, cyclones and select grenades may be used inside large forts. We require filling Thunder V canisters half full of water to reduce decibel level.
  32. Call your Hit by YELLING HIT and raising your hand. A hand up or gun up to the sky indicates to players you are dead and they’re not to engage you.
  33. Respawn by walking back to your teams designated spawn site. Touch it to return back to life and reenter game.
  34. Dead players are not allowed to TALK.
  35. Never blind fire, do not stick your gun around corners, above walls or through windows and fire without looking.
  36. Gun Hits and Ricochets don’t count as hits.